Monday, October 27, 2014

Crashing with Class

It's not often I find myself the normal one in the crowd. Then again, this wasn't the kind of crowd I generally run with...

I knew, when "20/20" contacted me, that wedding-crashing was the topic of the segment. I can't say, however, that I was aware of the particular slant they had planned for most of the show. I bit off half my fingernails while watching the first 45 minutes.

I wish they had managed to capture the goal and the essence of The 52/52 Project, with a brief mention that wedding-crashing (with a conscience) was just one of 52 new challenges I checked off a list last year. Yet rather than proving to be a cautionary tale (it wouldn't have been my first time), I was relieved I appeared to be the moral of this story.

My national TV debut provided an unexpected and bizarre finish to my year of new adventures. I faced another huge challenge--talking in front of a camera for a national audience--with little time to plan or prepare. 

When you choose to put yourself out there, it's amazing what you can do.

Maybe that's the real moral to any story.

If you don't want to watch the whole segment, skip ahead to 4:55 in the video here.


  1. It's official: you're The Awesome, Sherry!

    I remember you telling me about your 52/52 project way the heck back MWW---watching you take it on and complete it has been such an inspiration!

    Seriously, you rock, lady. :)

    1. Sarah: Ha! After last year--and after that nail-biting show--I'm not sure if I rock or if I've simply learned to roll with the punches... Thank you!

  2. Love it. Crash with Class.

    1. Downith: It was either that or be labeled a moocher. All things considered, I came away pleased.