Monday, August 21, 2017

Cowgirl in the Stand

Reason #819 why I don't believe in coincidence:

My book cover for "Finding My Badass Self" was designed in January, with the cowgirl artwork provided through a stock photo my publisher bought the rights to use.

Realizing that the cowgirl figurine was probably an old toy or statue, I set off on a mission to find one. I have been searching the Internet for over six months and have never found anything similar except that photo.

On Saturday, in the midst of my book launch event, an old high school friend posted a picture on Facebook of a toy her husband found at an antique store. She recognized it immediately--but she had no idea I had been looking for one for months.

She brought it to me yesterday.

Nope. No such thing as a coincidence.

What do you believe in? Fate? Karma? Coincidence? Or just dumb luck?


  1. I ascribe to the "Shit Happens" theory of life. Nothing is pre-ordained, we have control of our own lives, but shit happens. Sometimes it's good shit, sometimes it's tough shit. Sometimes we deserve it, sometimes we don't.

    And I believe you deserve all the cool shit that's happening with you right now.

    1. Thank you, my friend. So happy you have played a part in my adventures.