Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Journey of Parenting: Long Days and Short Years

 Son #1 turned 30 this week, and Son #2 turns 28 on Monday.
As I often say, there were single, exhausting days along this journey of parenting that I thought would never, EVER end. But the years? They flew by at lightning speed.

I have few regrets in life. But if I could go back in time, I would try harder to let the smaller issues roll off my shoulders, work more at that delicate balance between necessary discipline and supportive understanding, and appreciate every age and stage for what it has to offer. 

Perhaps children aren’t exactly a gift. I mean, lord knows they’re not free. They come with strings attached. And they’re not returnable—even though there are days... Oh, yes, there are days.

Yet the gifts of parenthood appear in the form of tiny, sometimes imperceptible things: an enjoyment of similar interests, an academic or career success, an insightful or humorous remark, or a kindness toward animals or other people.

Parenting is part joy, frustration, grief, and pride—all tied up in one huge mysterious and astounding package.

It’s the most rewarding package I’ve ever received.

Thirty years later, I still marvel at the magic.

Your thoughts on the journey?

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