Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Won't Be Running for Political Office

10) I can't say I never inhaled.
9) As a former journalist, I'd insist on asking myself all the questions at news conferences.
8) I'm too poor to buy any votes.
7) My friends wouldn't stop laughing long enough to complete their ballots.
6) Sarah Palin couldn't get by on her good looks either.
5) I can't balance my own checkbook, so imagine the fun I'd have with someone else's money.
4) Can you say "being accountable for one's actions?"
3) I'd have to bribe the paparazzi to use Photoshop.
2) My party affiliation is whichever one has the best music and most liquor.
1) I don't have a spouse I can cheat on.

Guess you can always write me in during the next election. Who am I to argue with public demand?


  1. This is a!!!!

  2. Wish I knew an easy way to explain to readers how to post your names on responses... but I'm as inept with a computer as I am with a checkbook. Glad you enjoyed though (whoever you are).