Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Let It Roll on down the Highway

The Brewhouse Inn, Milwaukee--Not a bad place to stay.
I decided, after the fact, to add a couple events of last weekend to my list of new experiences.

I'm not referring to my rushed out-of-town trip for my son's emergency surgery. Nor to staying overnight in an old brewery. Not even to cleaning the bathroom in two 22-year-old bachelors' apartment. All three were indeed new experiences, only one of which I ever care to repeat.

What made the weekend list-worthy is that I rode for six hours alone in the car with my former husband. Although we always remained friendly, this was the longest amount of time we've spent together--without our children--in almost 15 years.

And two days later, I spent four hours on a train from Chicago, drinking wine with his girlfriend.

Minus the worries for my appendix-afflicted son, both proved to be enjoyable rides. The shared priority of a child certainly helped. A couple bottles of wine didn't hurt. But what I learned is that some experiences and some relationships are only as awkward and uncomfortable as we allow them to be.

Sometimes, when we least expect it, life is full of pleasant surprises.
Any awkward or uncomfortable life experiences which proved to be a pleasant surprise? Friendly with your ex, or not so much? Is it me, or does wine make everything far easier?


  1. Some wine can make things reasonably easier. Some whine can make things more difficult. Unless one has a drinking problem, the first one is always the way to go!

  2. I've always kept up with my ex's. Their girlfriends/wives are another story. None of them have ever liked me, even the ones who've never met me. Then again, I've never had a drink with any of them. I can usually win someone over once their edge is off.

    Hope the little one (they'll always be little, no matter how big they are, don't you agree?) is on the mend. Praise the Lord for Western medicine.


    1. MSB: Son #2 is healing well, thanks. And I would think you could win anyone over.