Monday, January 11, 2010

As the Eagle Soars

I have never been a quitter.

Sure, I was kicked out of Junior Achievement at age 14 (clearly not Entrepreneur of the Year), kicked out of CYO Basketball at 12 (clearly not Most Valuable Player) and kicked out of Girl Scouts at 10 (clearly just a bit of a shit when I was entering the sixth grade).

But I never quit anything. No, if something in my youth demanded a great deal of dedication and effort, I found it easier and more entertaining to just get myself officially dismissed.

In retrospect, perhaps it was my fool-proof way of avoiding true failure. Because what I likely lacked, early on, was a work ethic. That, plus a demonstration of self-control and appropriate behavior. (Please don't think less of me for this.) (Hmm. Is that even possible?)

I have a work ethic now which might make even Donald Trump proud. I haven't been kicked out of a single organization, or been fired, in my entire adulthood. And I still haven't quit anything. (Except countless diet and exercise programs. Give me a break here.)

But that work ethic is nothing of which to be particularly proud. It's expected of a middle-aged adult. And it took me thirty-something years to nurture it.

Son #2, at age 18, has already had it for years.

Tomorrow, he will officially receive his Eagle Scout badge. The honor is the culmination of years of Scouting activity, hours of training, and days of volunteer efforts.

It's just one of many accomplishments he has already achieved. In his short life, he's accomplished more in the areas of academics, athletics, career and social service than many young people even consider.

I won't elaborate, because like any good son, he reads his mother's blog. And I embarrass him enough on a daily basis. Suffice it to say, I'm more than a little proud of him.

Not bad for a kid who, at age 2, was kicked out of his daycare center.

They clearly didn't know what they'd be missing.


  1. His Aunt Lori/Godmother is pretty proud too...I had forgotten about being kicked out of day care!

  2. His Grandma Glo remembers he was kicked out of Day Care for biting and it has been exchanged for his taking a big bite out of life ... and he is doing it quite well...