Thursday, January 21, 2010

Filling the Bucket

I sat down recently to write a blog post, and ended up instead drafting my Bucket List.

It's not for public consumption because: a) It still needs refining, and b) Some items may be embarrassing, illegal or a combination of both.

Just to clarify: I have not been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, and I'd like to think I still have another 30-plus quality years ahead of me.

However, it's never too soon to make plans for the rest of our life, is it?

I suppose such a list must be fluid, changing with the ebb and flow of our personal world. If I'd written such a list at age 11, it would have included meeting David Cassidy. (David? Are you reading this? I've moved on, but if you'd like, call me!) At 18, my list would have included hang-gliding. (Sprained my ankle the very night before I was scheduled to go. Now, I'm afraid to fly on a jet, let alone jump off a cliff with just a pair of flimsy wings and naive enthusiasm.)

Our plans and priorities change. But as we get older, our most steadfast dreams of accomplishments and experiences seem to endure. Perhaps we should think about that to-do list while we're still of able body and able mind. While we still have decades to tackle it.

Plan and save for that dream trip before we're living off a fixed income. Take that class before we forget why we wanted to learn about something. Pursue that thrill-seeking adventure before our doctor or our fears nix the idea.

Make the list now, and start checking off items, one by one.

Excuse the cliche, but time flies. If we wait too long? We may find ourselves afraid of flying along with it.

So, what's on your Bucket List?

And does anyone have David Cassidy's phone number? Because I can't wait around forever for him to call.

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