Monday, January 4, 2010

So Close and Yet So Far

Ah, the end of a year--of an entire decade--and the fresh start of a new one. Time to reflect upon our accomplishments. We've come so far in 2009. And yet...

NASA found water on the moon, but aviation security failed to find explosives on an airline passenger.

The people of the United States became open-minded enough to finally elect a (half) black man as president, yet still displayed century-old prejudice through a symbolic effigy hanging.

Electronic media technology allowed immediate and widespread dissemination of news, but the interpretation of newsworthy remained questionable (endless marriage scandals), self-serving (Balloon Boy's father), or sometimes both (the Gosselins).

Paul McCartney, at 67, showed us he can still make heavenly music, but John Lennon is making music only in heaven.

College enrollment for young people in the U.S. is at an all-time high, especially among women. Stats for educated females in Afghanistan? Not so great.

Attributed partially to the bad economy, the U.S. divorce rate dropped slightly. And state governments are making a special effort to keep gay marriage divorce rates particularly low. (Oops. Sorry. Forgot my blog vow to avoid controversy.)

Medical scientists were successful in quickly creating a vaccine for a new strain of flu, but have been unable yet to prevent AIDS or cancer.

More than 350 million people are finding "friends" on Facebook, yet the keywords "people estranged from family" still manage over 3 million hits on Google.

So close, and yet so far. Happy New Year, all. And in 2010, may all our dreams for a happy and peaceful world come true.


  1. irony--my favorite


  2. Irony, how ironic. Of course it's your favorite. Thanks, Murf.