Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ready for New Adventures--In Your Part of the World

While I'm busy working on the book edition of The 52/52 Project, I am ready to share some fun news about the next year.

I recently posted a Facebook poll to find out where pockets of my readers reside. Here's why:

Over the next year, beginning either in October when I turn 53 or in January at the start of 2015, I will undertake one new venture each month in locations throughout the U.S. (or beyond, if I can swing it). Readers and their friends in those areas are invited to join me in each experience. Like my Stranger Party that so many of you said you vicariously enjoyed, we yet-to-meet friends will also get together for dinner and drinks before or after our escapades.

I am so psyched about this! What a fun opportunity for me to perpetuate my 52/52 Project journey while allowing several of you to join in! I look forward to meeting many of you and to cringing, crying, or laughing our way together through a new experience.

Based on my poll results, plus time and expenses, several will likely be in the Midwest: Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, or Wisconsin. I'm also eying Florida (especially Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa or Orlando), Texas (perhaps Austin or Dallas/Fort Worth), and California (maybe San Diego or San Francisco).

But locations are really still up for grabs. The selling point is what cool or crazy experiences we can pinpoint in a specific city or area.

I'm ready to start planning. Are you ready to join up? Let's hear your ideas. What exciting, enlightening, or frightening ventures await us in your part of the world? Lay it on us....