Friday, April 14, 2017

Remembering Easter Holidays Past

Easter morning on my grandparents' porch, circa 1965ish.
LONG before I ever envisioned any of the escapades from The 52/52 Project, which are detailed in my upcoming book "Finding My Badass Self," I played the Easter Bunny for two years at Toledo's Southwyck Mall. 
Although hundreds of photographs from that seventies gig are probably lying faded and forgotten in boxes of old family photos across Northwest Ohio, I do not possess a single one to share. 
Pure gold, buried deep in someone's basement.

What I do have is this much earlier photo of my two sisters and me, resplendent in our straw Easter bonnets and patent leather shoes. My cute, photogenic sisters are to the right. I'm the chubby goof on the left. Some things never, ever change.
What's your favorite Easter, Passover, or holiday story? Any fun or embarrassing photos to share? What in the world do you think I am holding here? (I'm almost afraid to know.)