Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Sometimes Life Actually Gives to You By Taking Away" --Carrie Fisher


I haven't been so affected by the death of a celebrity since John Lennon's.

Many people will remember Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, but for me it was her writing, wit, and honesty that always fascinated and inspired me. I've read everything she's written and was fortunate to see her one-woman show, "Wishful Drinking," on stage in 2012. I had hoped to see her on tour for her latest book.

"If my life wasn't funny," she once wrote, "it would just be true, and that is unacceptable."

Thank you, Carrie, for being wise and brilliantly funny, but always true to yourself.

Any favorite Carrie quotes to share? What celebrity losses have hit you hardest? How ready are you to put 2016 behind us?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tiny Friends Four-Ever

Riddle me this: What has eight legs and four overactive brains, talks constantly yet doesn't really say much, exists primarily on chicken nuggets and cheddar goldfish, and makes you simultaneously crave both a nap and a grandchild?

A set of quadruplets.

Last weekend, I had the privilege of hanging out again with the Baldwin Quad Squad. I first babysat the quads when they were six months old and then again at eighteen months. Now, they are age three: and they have grown into four bright, delightful, and very busy little people.

Their adorable older sister helped direct me, with her big sister expertise and first-grade know-how. Sure there were a few moments when they made it clear they didn't care to follow my directions. Or when I looked up--searching for a wayward quad--and realized I definitely did NOT have all my ducks in a row,
But after almost three hours of constant conversing, doing artwork, playing games, and trying to convince them I do not have a pet elephant (??), we once again bonded. Before they headed upstairs for their afternoon naps, we hugged, loved on each other, and said goodbye--until the next time.

My two sons are now grown men, and the memories of them as toddlers have grown hazy. Who knows when I will experience the joy of grandchildren. But thanks to a random experience in my 52/52 Project, I hope I'll always have the Quad Squad.

Sometimes serendipity steps into your life in the form of several tiny, smiling faces.

Small children: Adorable? Or carpet-crawling, curtain-climbing rugrats? What's the biggest challenge in your life that still brings you happiness?