Friday, November 28, 2014

Take a Risk, Change Your Life, Meet New Friends, and Make Memories

Are you considering, but still on the fence, about joining in one of The 52/52 Project's Stranger Party National Tour outings? Here are a couple heartwarming responses I've gotten:

"I wanted to express to each of you how grateful I am for the time we spent together during the Stranger Parties! You guys have rocked my world and raised me out of a depression period that I could not shake! I am reignited and ready to take on the world (well, maybe not the whole world because that would be insane). So, thank you! Love you all and hope we can get together again!"

And this:

"Sherry has taught me a lot about risk-taking, I'm not very outgoing, little old shy me:). I didn't know what to expect. But it was a life changer. I had so much fun! I have to thank all of you for a trip I'll always remember!"

Wow. Can't wait to meet more new friends and for us to make new memories together! For details on joining one of our upcoming Stranger Party excursions, see the Events page:

Milwaukee is only a week away--sign up now!

Monday, November 24, 2014

From Strangers to Friends: Coming Your Way

I'm excited to provide an updated list of locations for the 52/52 Stranger Party Tour! Many dates are still pending--so check back often here and at The 52/52 Project's Facebook page. Hoping to meet up for fun, adventure, and the always amazing experience of meeting new friends:

December 6—7:30 p.m. in Milwaukee: Come on, Get Happy, as we rent the Partridge Family Party Bus for a pub crawl through downtown Milwacky, Wisconsin! Along the way we’ll test our worthless know-how of classic TV trivia and theme songs: Click on the Events tab to "join" and to see how to register through PayPal. Plenty of seats still available. Only $25 to reserve your seat for a fun night! REGISTER NOW!

January (date TBD)—Chicago: Because, seriously, who wouldn't want to ice-skate in the Windy City in January? The good news is we'll be skating indoors. The bad news is we'll be skating on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building. Toughen up, ye who are afraid of heights! We'll cap it off with a fun dinner and drinks.

February 21—Toledo: We'll be TRAPPED in Toledo. We'll need to use our wits to get out, before time runs out. A great dinner with all our new friends will follow.

March 28—Austin: Now’s your chance to finally get over those pesky personal fears like acrophobia, claustrophobia, nyctophobia, and entomophobia, as we master the messy and somewhat frightening art of cave spelunking. Evening festivities still pending, per the know-how of our co-hosts, Insane-in-the-Mom-Brain, RachRiot, and The Kick Ass Social Club.

April (date TBD)—Boston: Nothing here but old-fashioned fun in a slightly crazy new way, while we take part in a group scavenger hunt. The only caveat: If you’re on my team, be prepared to meet a brutal taskmaster. We’ll win this thing, or else:

May 23-24—Denver area: Join me for a night of séances and ghost-hunting at the haunted Stanley Hotel, where Stephen King penned The Shining. The next day, any survivors (or those who choose to forgo the ghost-hunt) will grasp hands and grimace our way across the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest freaking bridge in the U.S.:

June (date TBD)—Cincinnati/Newport: If you’ve had a lifelong burning desire to roll around inside a human-sized hamster ball, here is your opportunity. Yes, apparently this is a thing. Barf bags not included. After, we'll fight off any lingering nausea with dinner at Newport on the Levee:

July (date TBD)—Toledo: Join us on the mighty Maumee River while we compete in the Partners in Education’s famously fun Dragon Boat Festival. Be prepared to show off your teamwork skills and your muscles. Word is, you’ll need to make up for a huge slacker in the boat. Celebratory dinner and drinks following, of course.

August 13-16—Southern Ohio: We’ll join the fabulous Brittany Gibbons and a cabinful of friends we haven’t yet met, at Camp Throwback. Relive your best childhood experiences with traditional camp activities like archery or arts and crafts—updated for adult fun by drinking margaritas around the fire pit:

September 19—Southern Indiana: No obstacle too great for those of us taking part in The Stranger Party Tour of 2015! Unless we’re competing in a Rugged Maniac Race. And then, all bets are off: Those who aren't too exhausted can join us for some evening camaraderie.

October—Location, date, and activities still pending

Why are we holding a National Stranger Party Tour? Out of The 52/52 Project's personal new challenges last year, being part of a "Stranger Party" proved to be the most popular--and the experience readers said they would most enjoy. Trying something new and semi-crazy with a diverse group of people of all ages and backgrounds will lead to the most intriguing conversations you've ever had--and lots of laughs. Read more about our very first stranger party here:, and see The 52/52 Project's Facebook page for photos from our inaugural Orlando stop in November. 

More details and registration information coming. Check back here and at the The 52/52 Project "Events" tab. And share with your friends!

Hoping to meet up with many of you on the 52/52 Stranger Party Tour!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Harvesting Your Talents at the Winter Wheat Festival

Just a reminder that I'll be presenting a session at the 14th annual Winter Wheat Festival, a celebration of writers and readers, to be held Nov. 13-15 at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Produced by the literary journal "Mid-American Review," the festival includes appearances by authors Sharona Muir, Anne Valente, Marcus Wicker, and Allison Joseph. In addition, participants can attend their choices of 56 diverse and interesting workshops.

On Saturday morning, Nov. 15, I will lead a session on "Enhancing Your Narrative Non-Fiction through an Anti-Bucket List." I'll be talking about The 52/52 Project and also discussing how attendees can change their lives through their own experiences outside their comfort zones.

Winter Wheat is a terrific (and very affordable) event for writers seeking to sharpen their skills, as well as aspiring writers looking for a great place to start. For more information about the festival's events and registration, click here: