Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let There Be Words...

OK, due to much encouragement (um, from one drunk stranger in a bar), I've started a blog. Does anyone care? Post yes or no. Don't post if you're apathetic, because really, why would you bother?

Please note what you'd like most to read here:
  • witty observations
  • serious contemplations
  • nonsensical ramblings
  • all of the above

I can do any or all, dependent upon my mood or the amount of alcohol recently consumed. I have countless thoughts and opinions on life and associated issues. Some are nearly relevant. I'm happy to share. We'll talk soon, yes?

I'll do my best to accommodate the bulk of my readers.


  1. Are u kidding? Nothing would amuse me more than to read about your alcohol induced amusements... Otherwise I'm left to my own misguidedness....mary

  2. Wait, who's kidding whom? Your misguidedness is amusement in itself. When are we doing another Thelma and Louise trip (minus all the murder and suicide, of course)?

  3. Horrified at the prospects of this webpage.

  4. I am already a fan.
    As are others...and so I must slightly alter the cryptic message in Field of Dreams:

    If you write it...they will read.

  5. I'd love to read Sherry Lynne blogs. All of the topics sound entertaining to me.