Monday, September 7, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Not to Clean Your House

10) Dirty windows prevent the neighbors from seeing you walk around in your underwear.
9) Pethair-covered bedsheets provide insulation on cool fall nights.
8) Wouldn't you think the water in a bathtub would WASH the damn thing?
7) Making the bed is so 1950.
6) With kitchen tables, who really needs a floor so clean you could eat off it?
5) Running a vacuum sweeper in today's energy-conscious society just seems wrong.
4) Dust particles, to an artist's eye, are probably aesthetically pleasing.
3) Nothing says Home Sweet Home like sticky pancake syrup on the counter.
2) You've put the clothes in the washer; you've put them in the dryer; so where's the machine that will fold and put them away?
1) Toilets, by design, are meant to be dirty.


  1. lol. #3 is a given in my house...
    I feel so validated!

  2. You put it all in prospective so well. I feel I should print this, frame it & hang it in my house!! I think a greeting card would even be great.