Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Escape from Reality

I'm confused.

Didn't people used to watch TV to escape from reality?

So why are we suddenly a nation of voyeurs, spying on the not-so-appealing aspects of total strangers' lives?

Apparently, according to Nielsen Ratings, I'm in the minority of uninterested non-viewers. But the reality is, I don't want to know if some Real Housewife is cheating on her husband. If I cared about such things, I could glean better gossip at my hometown Kroger store.

I'm not interested in hearing who the Don's decided to fire. Plenty of controversial layoffs at my own place of employment, thank you.

And if Jon and Kate Plus Eight are now Minus One? Sorry for your loss, but... I have toilets that need scrubbing.

Not that I'm one to avoid reality. I read my share of non-fiction, and I watch the news. (Although my TV appears technologically incapable of broadcasting Fox.) (Oops. Was that a slip of political bias? Sorry. Won't happen again.)

But when it comes to entertainment, I can muster little interest in viewing some limelight-lover's personal debacles or disasters. If I wanted to watch a soap opera, I'd tune into General Hospital. (By the way, haven't seen that since the eighties. Did Luke and Laura ever get back together?)

Give me back Arrested Development. Give me back M*A*S*H. Give me back Bob Newhart. Give me back intriguing characters and settings and plots.

Reality is way over-rated. Although Nielsen clearly disagrees.

Which, I guess, just makes me The Biggest Loser.


  1. I loved M*A*S*H. Bob Newhart--that was a fun show. So was the Odd Couple.

  2. Paul--
    Just checked out your website and blog. Alaska: What an inspiring place to write. Loved the moose photos! Will have to visit for a charcoal-writing session, even if it's minus the grog.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Reality of our REAL life - wars, poverty, disease are so hard to read about or see on TV so some of us avoid the saturation and turn to Reality - UNREAL life - Survivor, the Apprentice, and Dancing with the Stars etc. It temporarily becomes a comfortable escape from the really, REAL stuff.
    P.S. I also miss Bob Newhart ...!