Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When Understanding Eludes Us

When understanding eludes us, we struggle to accept.

When mere acceptance seems unacceptable, we seek change.

When change appears formidable, we strive for strength.

When our strength is insufficient, we turn to others.

When others can't aid or comfort us, we lean on faith.

When we question faith, we're compelled to search for more.

When we truly search, within and without, we discover hope.

Because sometimes hope is all that remains.

And when we find hope, perhaps, we finally possess all we ever needed.


  1. You realize you just broke down the serenity prayer dontcha :)


  2. Don: Just looked it up, and yeah--I'm calling the Serenity Prayer the Reader's Digest version!

    Anon: Kind of a poetic mood this week...

  3. Wow - Like I said before, you've got a way with words!

    Distal - your Cleveland fan