Monday, March 14, 2011

Breaking-In Middle Age

Wild woman that I am, I just returned from my spring vacation to Florida. Not much has changed since my college spring break days. OK, so maybe just a few things:

Packing List
At Age 19: Cute new bikini, short-shorts, sundresses, Tylenol (for possible hangovers), Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil.
At Age 49: Whatever bathing suit appeared least repulsive in the bedroom mirror, capris or shorts that FULLY cover ballooning thighs, sweaters, Aleve (for medley of body aches), 30 SPF sunblock.

At 19: Straight 20-hour drive through the night; totally awesome if parents offer their car.
At 49: Direct flight; lovely if credit card points are available.

At 19: Cheap motel room, as close to the Strip as possible. Two to three people squeezed into each bed. (Several more can crash on the floor, if necessary.)
At 49: Quiet, nicely equipped condo. Preferably one bedroom per single person or couple. (Pack snore strips and earplugs, if necessary.)

Beach Day
At 19: Body-surfing, parasailing over the ocean.
At 49: Wading in the water up to the ankles, shrieking at the undertow and the frigidity of the ocean.

At 19: Beer or Tequila Sunrises, followed by a few shots.
At 49: Steak or seafood, followed by a few minutes of gazing at the dessert menu, saying, "Oh, I really shouldn't, but..."

Nightly Entertainment
At 19: Drinking games, dancing, passing out in bed at sunrise.
At 49: A game of Yahtzee, watching television, collapsing in bed at 11:30.

Yep, nothing like a spring break at 19 to make you feel like you're truly an adult. And at 49? Well, apparently I'm ready for that AARP card now.

I hear the Cracker Barrel right off the Strip is a pretty crazy place.

How did you spend your spring vacation? Want to 'fess up about your college spring breaks? Or is it getting hard to remember that long ago?


  1. Oh, Sherry how I love you. Freakin' classic.

    Going to Disney in two weeks. Most people would love it...and then there's me. At nineteen, Disney was a drunken, delightful haze. Now, with three kids in tow and all too sober, a freakishly clean, utopian paradise, that makes me feel I'm in a Dr. Who episode. I'm constantly looking for the man behind the curtain, and I know he's up to no good.

  2. Lyra: Wow, ironically I just borrowed the first-season DVDs of Dr. Who from a co-worker a couple weeks ago! I'd never seen a single episode before. Loved it! So, would you go travel back to the year you were 19? Or would you travel ahead to 2050 and scout out the aliens at Disney?

  3. First season with Matt Smith? If so, yes!
    I never watched it before either and my husband wore me down. Now I'm obsessd.
    Oddly, I'd be right here, where I am now. But I'd get a sonic screwdriver. Oh, yeah, flying the geek flag.

  4. Great post. I totally remember my one and only spring break trip to Florida when I was 20. You nailed it!!

  5. Hilarious and oh so true. We are going to Florida in three weeks time - I hear you on the packing list. But 30SPF - you rebel - I'm all about 40.

  6. Lyra: Actually, this featured Christopher Eccleston. I loved him in it--is Matt Smith even better?

    Paul: I'm impressed that you totally remember that trip. My recollections of those college breaks are kinda blurry.

    Downith: Ha! And the crazy thing is, my mother still uses tanning oil. I lectured her and then thought, "Wait--what's wrong with this picture?"

  7. Welcome back, Sherry! I'm with Lyra. Doing Disney next month. Yay... My kids are ecstatic. Who cares we've travelled Europe? We're doing Disney! Actually, I'm quite tickled to see them so happy. Now I have to mastermind a quick trip to a loopety ride to lose my husband's phone. Any suggestions?

    The only spring break memory that pops to mind is buying a new bikini and coming out of the store with a 5x8 paper bag. One of those big, grocery bags would do the job today.

  8. because of my past love (love/addiction, tomato/tomawto) for tequila shots until i hit the floor, my spring breaks are a bit fuzzy (fuzzy like a channel that's not a channel but only snow).

    our spring break is next week and we have no plans. (although, i'm considering throwing everyone in the car for an impromptu trip. we'll see how motivated i am mid-week.)

  9. In all honesty at age 29 I am at a happy medium between your 19 and 49.
    I was one of those people who never went on spring break in college - I had bills to pay and a job to keep!

  10. Deb: Actually, I absolutely LOVE Disney. I could go every year, even without kids. I'm thinking you should accidentally drop your husband's cellphone in one of the Animal Kingdom displays. We'll see how badly he decides he needs it when it's tucked between the paws of an Asian Tiger.

    Amy: What part of Indiana do you live? I'll bet a road trip to Toledo was at the top of your list, right?

    Amanda: Twenty-nine? Sure, rub in the fact that you weren't even BORN when I took that trip at 19.

  11. Yes, even he wouldn't take on an Asian Tiger...hmm.

  12. Sherry, OMG if you loved Christopher, your face will melt when you watch David Tennant. Matt Smith is current, and I adore him, but watch Tennant first. Face Melt.

    Deb, a good wife would clean her husband's phone...washing machine?

  13. OMG, Sherry. Now THAT was funny. I'm still laughing.

    I was recently thinking that there are trips I turn down --- things I say no to --- simply because I don't have anything to wear, or anything that looks decent anymore. That is so damned sad! I doubt a man every has such thoughts.

  14. How much do I hate typos in posts. This is my 3rd today. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH.....

  15. I think the difference between The Trip at 19 and The Trip at 49 is "experience."

    We haz it. (plus having a little more available cash helps too.)

  16. Deb: Ha! Perhaps you'd better go with Lyra's idea instead. Let's just say it's a bit tamer.

    Lyra: Season Two with David--Getting right on that!

    Teri: Typos are perfectly understandable when one is pondering the gender inequity in swimwear self-consciousness.

  17. Bluz: Yep. At 19, we were lucky to carry a few measly traveler's checks. Now, we haz ATM cards. Funny how much more we spend when we're not counting out the bills...

  18. Love the comparisons!

    No, no, I cannot possibly contribute. Is it because there is lapse in memory or am I simply in denial? Only The Shadow knows.

    One thing I know is that there is whole lot more planning involved. Spontaneity died with the birth of my first child.

  19. My first springbreak vacation was April 1957. Talk about changes.. We wore skirts and gloves going and coming home, modest one piece swimsuits, baby oil w/iodine for tanning. I even danced ON a bar. Last week I used #6, #15 and #30 tanning various parts of this 72 yr old did crosswords and read. Thanks and love for sharing a RELAXING springbreak with me. Mom

  20. MSB: Oh, yes, the massive planning that goes into vacations once children are involved! In fact, massive planning is needed for your every single DAY once you're a mother...

    Mom: And thanks for not breaking your leg.

  21. I've never had a spring break. Is it too late? Maybe I should cruise the strip in a top made of a Corona scarf, with a yard-long beer in my hand and a 3-pack of Trojans in my cleavage, just to say I've been there.

  22. Averil: Never, ever too late. Leave the kids and the hubby at home and I'll meet you at the beach.

  23. i'm right across the river from louisville, ky in georgetown, indiana. you know, right next to floyds knobs and up the hill from new albany? (ha!)

  24. Too funny!

    Once again I am reminded why I love this crowd. I KNOW where Floyds Knobs is. I love Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor (but agree with Lyra - David Tenant is fabulous.) Just last night Sophie and I were creeping each other out by quoting the episode set during WWII with the little boy with the gas mask face.

    I usually worked over Spring Break, but in 1986 my parents invited me to go with them to St. Pete's Beach where we stayed with my grandparents for five days. It never cracked 70 degrees and my brother and I were the youngest people in a five mile radius, I kid you not. I went to see Pretty in Pink twice by myself I was so desperate for entertainment.

    When I'm 49, I'm treating myself to a real spring break. Except maybe I'll go to Paris for it.

  25. Amy: Floyd's knob? Amy, tsk-tsk, this is a family blog.

    Lisa: Oh, God! The boy in the gas mask episode! "Are you my Mummy?" Way too creepy. I was awake half that night. And yes, visiting Paris once may be better than all my years of seedy Florida motels combined.

  26. Loved your spring break memories. I remember going one year and it was so cold we just set the beer on the steps in the pool. David Tennant absolutely. And I live in Floyds Knobs. Around 1980 I think, I had a tee shirt with this on the front "Floyd-Spickert-Mosier" and underneath that "The Knobs Brothers", you have to live around here to understand.

  27. Oma: Ha! Resourceful use of the pool. I remember one year laying out on lounge chairs, wrapped in blankets, still praying our faces would get tan.

    And another Floyds Knobs reference? Hmm... maybe I must take a roadtrip and visit this mecca of which you all speak.

    Thanks for stopping by!