Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Bird Has Flown (for a Bit)

Oh, you're here?


Probably expecting a nonsensical musing or some attempt at a poignant story?

Sorry. Better luck next month.

This month, I am avoiding such distractions and am gluing myself to a book rewrite. Yes, another. *sigh*

So, carry on, people. If you find yourself bored, scroll through my two years of archives. Talk amongst yourselves. Write your own damn book.

See you back here in August.


  1. You can do this thing, Sherry. Best wishes (?) for those revisions. You know I think that book is already excellent.

    See you in August.

  2. Write your own damn book? What kind of attitude is that?

    *folds arms across chest and sulks*

    Fine, then. I will.

    (thanks for the butt kick and good luck with your revisions)

  3. You go, girl. I'll send positive vibes your way.

  4. For a minute there, I thought you'd gone to Manhattan on a dollar a day!

    Go, Sherry, go! Write, Sherry, write!

    Just don't forget to come back.

  5. Sherry,

    You can do this. One front in front of the other. You may have revised before but you have never been the you you are right now in this moment in time. All of your thoughts, writings, comments, conferences has made you right now into a woman who can not only revise this but make it better than you ever thought.

    Now go write that damn book, tough guy. Hey, you lookin' at me?

  6. you can't see it, but i'm waving you a bittersweet good-bye as if i'm in the airport and you're on the plane. good writing to you. see (read) you next month.

  7. We'll miss you, Sherry.

    (But I'm gonna write my own damn book. I'll show YOU.)

  8. Good for you, Sherry! We will be cheering you on from afar. (selfishly, I will miss your sense of humor ...)

  9. You guys are a hoot. And also very encouraging. Thank you. Just a quick time-out to check in here. I plan to take a longer break soon to catch up with all your worlds. But now, back to the friggin book...

  10. Good luck Sherry! Right there in the trenches with you. So close....

  11. Ah...I still check each Thursday thinking your mom wrote that guest post you mentioned.
    Even though I see you at work almost everyday this is such a great way to hear your 'voice'.
    Cannot wait for August.