Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks to My Children

An early post tonight, in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday. Hope all of you, too, find much for which to be thankful.

As both my young adult sons return home for the holiday, I've promised myself to bite my tongue about sleepless nights and randomly scattered piles of "stuff." Instead, I will focus on counting my blessings. I'm fortunate to have many, although sometimes it takes a holiday to serve as a reminder.

My two children have taught me much. I am especially thankful for both of them, because:

They tell me 50 is still young, that I look good for my age, and they say this with conviction.

They devour the whole package of Little Debbies before I manage to get my hands on it.

They prove to me that good music has indeed been recorded after 1983.

They know how to work the universal remote and the router.

They help me acknowledge and understand my mistakes.

They laugh at my good jokes and fake a smile at my bad ones.

They occasionally nod and agree that one more cat or dog won't necessarily make me a crazy lady.

They may someday provide me with grandchildren.

They pursue their dreams and are willing to take me along for the ride.

They end every phone conversation with the words, "Love you."

And that makes every dirty dish and every stress-filled moment worthwhile.

What are you thankful for?


  1. At this very moment and in no particular order:

    Good friends.

    Morning hugs (or at least morning leans) from my kids.

    The stories, inside and out.

    Comics (drawn and standing).

    My kids' jokes.


    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    That my older daughter can make her own breakfast.

    My younger daughter's footie jammies.

    Hot cranberry-pomegranate tea.

    Sweatpants and four days off.

    My husband.

    Diet Pepsi.



  2. Love this.

    That I see a divorce happening very near to me, look at my husband in complete panic saying, "that could be us!", and he takes my hand, looks me in the eyes and says, "No. That could never be us."

    That I have the ability to make my son (voted most likely to...not listen, throw a temper tantrum, not ever, ever know when to quit...the list goes on) laugh from the gut with one look...and he hates that he can't help it.

    The real friends that I have made in the unrealest of places.

    That no one ever wants me to cook.

    That I have a desire to finish a story even though it will most likely never be read.

    Cheddar cheese.


    (And seconding Sarah's brilliance) You

  3. Sarah: Aw, I remember those morning kidling leans. *sniff* Sgt. Pepper--yes! I am thankful every day for the Beatles.

    Lyra: I'll do all the cooking on our writers' retreat if someone else does the cleaning. And you're wrong about one thing: your story will be read.

  4. Beautiful post. I'm thankful for green jello. ;)

  5. I love this.

    I am thankful for my semi-step kids...through all of the yelling and moments of frustration it is all forgotten when I get than random I LOVE YOU or a kiss and hug letting me know I am wanted.

    I am also thankful for:
    Harry Potter
    Diet Coke
    the new tires on my car
    Bo, the new puppy

    Pretty fun, right?

  6. Your kids sound so great! Maybe you can tell them to give my husband the heads up that my dream of acquiring 5 more cats is NOT crazy cat-lady behavior. Thanks.

    I'm grateful for: really good friends, my husband's cooking abilities, pumpkin beer, writing buddies, the time and ability to pursue my writing dreams, and all those ingredients waiting at home for me to turn them into pumpkin pies in a matter of days.

  7. "Love you" at the end of phone conversations. Beautiful, Sherry.

    Every year I kneel before my washer and dryer and say a prayer of thanks. I'm not joking. No matter how many clothes I have to wash, I always feel grateful.

  8. Lisa T: Green Jello? Only if it's a margarita Jello shot.

    Amanda: No wonder we get along so well--I could have written that same list!

  9. Laura: Ah, I left out some of their less-than-finer moments, with this intended to be a note of thanks and all. And generally, they think my menagerie is already over the top. But don't tell your husband that! Do you read Jen Lancaster's blog ( If not, you should read today's post!

    MSB: I know they probably say it out of habit, but it's still wonderful to hear. And yes, you've gotta feel the love for major appliances, especially with a big family like yours!

  10. Thank you for this post. It reminds me of something I need to do this year .... Back when Rex and I first got married --- Chloe was 15 and Austin 9 --- I wrote them letters every Christmas to tell them how important they were to me, how proud I was of them, how thankful I was they were my children (no 'step' about it). It's been a few years since I've done that, and thanks to your blog I've been reminded to get back to my basics.

    Since we met in Chicago, I keep wondering how it would be if we all lived close enough (yes, all 16 of us) for a monthly meeting. Can you imagine?! Aside from all the camaraderie, I think we'd have all written and published a few volumes by now. Honest to betsy. ;-)

  11. I want a place at your table. I wonder if your children would laugh at my lame-ass jokes, because they go over like a lead balloon with my crew.

    I'm thankful for them, though. That we're all here, together, healthy and happy. And I'm thankful for all of you.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry!

  12. Teri: Those letters are such a great idea, and what a wonderful (non-step)mother you've been. As for that monthly meeting, I'm in for anyplace within an eight-hour drive...

    Averil: And--the last Thanksgiving in Vegas!!! Think how even more thankful you'll be next year!

  13. I want to post my thanks for the three wonderful children God gave me. They are my rewards and their children (my four grandchildren), are the added blessings. Thank you for being you, Sherry, Denise and Lori! Jorden, Kyle, Cori and Cole, you know how much I love each of you. Happy Thanksgiving, Mom/Grandma Glo

  14. Aww, your kids sound lovely. :) It's awesome to hear about everyone getting together to celebrate each other (Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in Australia, but we're all pretty familiar with the holiday thanks to media, and in my case, an American husband and in-laws!). Have a wonderful time with your family, and Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  15. Ug. 50 sure feels old. Feeling didn't hit til 49, notice ? Lucky for us, those younger grew up in more foolish times. The kids don't even fight back on the music thing! Yep, nephews agree: "best tunes by far were '70's, 60's" ... --Cartoons, T.V., what kids 'got to do' back when, etc....Where's the youthful spunk? Errgh, don't mind me, I'm cranky and unthankful I'm stuck in a country that's never heard of Thanksgiving.. (But for-real thankful at a newfound perspective on how lucky we are to have that thank-fest gathering time)! Can't wait til Christmas when I can give the nephews crap for never having the guts to give friends rides on handlebars, helmetless. Fools. They'll probably just nod and agree - with the grins, always the grins!! Just like the 'uphill both ways' test I threw out just to check back round labor day... yep! Young sappy fools. Wait...

  16. Ashlee: I don't know if Australia has any similar holiday, but the thing about Thanksgiving is it's a holiday focused almost entirely on being with family. And eating too much.

    Naysayer: "Where's the youthful spunk?" Ha! Trust me, it hasn't disappeared here. Today's was a Thanksgiving post, but I could write volumes on how that spunk can make raising kids an "uphill both ways" experience.

  17. Aww, this almost makes me want to have children. Almost.

  18. Alone: Cats are easier. Sometimes.

    Bobbi: Your check is in the mail. Thank you.

  19. I love your list. I am so glad to have my son home with us. Life is good.

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