Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back in the Blog Saddle: The 52/52 Project

Here I am, back at my old Blogspot. I hope all my 52/52 Project Facebook readers will follow along here. I will continue to share small snippets and post links on the 52/52 Project's Facebook page to this site, where I'll share more full stories. You can also easily subscribe here to get the stories by email. Please do!

Somehow, I've managed to make it one-fourth of the way through my year of new experiences without dying of fear or mortification. I may not prove so lucky during the next forty ventures.

Several readers have asked to see the complete list. I am all about obliging.

So, following is the list of thought-provoking activities or atrocities, as it currently stands. I still have a few open weeks, and will continue to entertain ideas to fill those. 

Please be kind in your suggestions. One person can only take so much.

(1)   Belly Dancing 
(2)   Entering a Pizza-Eating Competition
(3)   Visiting an Adult Bookstore
(4)   Experiencing a Series of Diverse Churches and Temples
(5)   Giving up Caffeine for a Week 
(6)   Auditioning for "Survivor"
(7)   Eating Insects
(8)   Enduring a Professional Photo Shoot 
(9)   Being Hypnotized for Past-Life Regression
(10) Getting a Full-Leg and Brazilian Wax
(11) Tent-camping Alone 
(12) Getting an Extreme Haircut
(13) Being a Street Beggar
(14) Serving at a Soup Kitchen
(15) Performing Onstage with a Band
(16) Babysitting Twins or Triplets
(17) Working with a Beekeeper
(18) Working on a Farm
(19) Going Vegan
(20) Being a Mime
(21) Ziplining
(22) Helping with Habitat for Humanity
(23) Having a Colonoscopy
(24) Being Totally Unplugged
(25) Running in a 5K
(26) Patrolling with a Police Officer
(27) Hiring a Male Escort for a Social Event
(28) Speed-dating
(29) Visiting a Nude Beach or Colony
(30) Open
(31) Dining at a Dark or Blind Restaurant
(32) Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army
(33) Getting a Tattoo (still debatable)
(34) Being a College Mascot
(35) Spending the Day with Nuns
(36) Taking the Next Flight out from the Airport, with No Reservations or Plans
(37) Spending the Day with a Private Investigator
(38) Driving a Motorcycle
(39) Open
(40) Visiting Lonely Strangers in Hospice or a Nursing Home
(41) Court Case Hopping
(42) Hosting a Party with All Strangers
(43) Connecting with a Long-Ago Boyfriend
(44) Participating in an Archeological Dig
(45) Shooting at a Gun Range
(46) Taking a Bus Trip with Senior Citizens
(47) Helping with the Birth of a Baby
(48) Spending the Night in a Haunted House
(49) Crashing a Wedding Reception
(50) Attending a Rap Concert 
(51) Open
(52) Doing a Stand-up Routine at a Comedy Club

Whew. What a year it will be. Who wants to meet me for drinks?


  1. I did #8, which was my personal nightmare, because someone told me I had to. My aversion to this task exists on many levels, many of them having to do with makeup, fear that I'm becoming narcissistic, dislike of various facial and body features, the nagging guilt that no matter how much I am paying a photographer to take my picture it's not enough to mitigate her boredom, my extreme Yankee frugality...and oh, so many other things. THAT SAID. Kristen Hobermann, the photographer my agent recommended, was simply lovely. It wasn't cheap, and it was still excruciating in its way, but I'm glad I did it, if only because I now know what does and does not work for me in front of a camera. Oh, and the makeup artist Kristen uses was AMAZING and taught me how to do all of that stupid crap myself, so I learned that, too.

    And so (she wraps up): I vote for #8. It's not XGames-level daring, it may not be the most exciting item on your list, but when the pictures pop up on your computer screen, and you realize that this magical photographer made the beautiful in you come out and visit for a while, that's pretty damn great.

    Oh, and when you audition for Survivor, you will need a headshot. Aw, hell, well I guess you screwed the pooch on the order of THOSE adventures...

    1. Jess: I'm currently entering week #13, so I've actually already done both the photo shoot and the "Survivor" audition! Thanks to a great photographer, the pictures turned out not too bad. Unfortunately, I cut off all my hair, so I don't look anything like that now. But you can shoot me--literally--before I'll go through it again.

  2. You are awesome Sherry! I need to catch up with you! What's ziplining? Does it hurt? Going over to check on your progress - I thought I'd signed up but don't seem to be receiving news of your exploits! Xxcat

    1. Ziplining is getting big here in the U.S. You are strapped onto a really high cable with a pulley, and you basically zip down an incline along the cable. I'm guessing it only hurts if you fall. Given my athletic prowess and accident-prone background, I am not counting that out.

  3. Meet for drinks?!? Heck, I want to spend the night in the haunted house with you!

    1. I KNOW! I am so excited about that one! I am still trying to decide on a location--there are lots of horrificly great ones out there. Any suggestions? Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

    2. I'm afraid I don't have a suggestion - I've just always been a fan of the paranormal :)

      The above deleted comment is because I cannot get my accounts straight.

    3. Ha--I've been having the same problem with accounts. But it did help clear up who you are! (I couldn't find any ID info on your blog when I checked it out.) How fun to see you are undergoing your own personal challenges! I will definitely enjoy following along. Any chance you can put a "subscribe by email" button on your site?

    4. I'll have to clean that up. I should have signed my name here.
      Thank you! Good idea on the subscription, done and done :)

  4. Babysitting twins or triplets? You really are an adventurer.

    1. Deb: The first mother of triplets whom I solicited last week turned me down. I may not get out of the starting gate on this one. Apparently, some parents don't leave their babies with perfect strangers. Huh.

  5. Sounds awesome, but my advice? Don't have a colonoscopy while dining at a blind restaurant. ;)

    1. Lisa: Haha! Kind of makes you lose your appetite all around, doesn't it?

  6. Replies
    1. Yep! And this routine, combined with my schedule slightly slowing down, should get me back to visiting everyone on my blogroll more frequently. Double hooray!

  7. Sherry, I'm open in Week 51 too!

    So glad to see you back blogging, especially since I'n not on facebook.

    Look forward to hearing more.

    1. Wait--If we're both free that week, let's say we meet for drinks. Can you arrange a trip to North America next spring? Say, Toronto?

    2. I'm coming over in August, but will be heading to cottage. But maybe another time? You could do that CN Tower thing I told you about. I will stay inside and cheer you on.

  8. You are a brave brave soul. Especially the babysitting of twins or triplets. I hope you find someone who'll hire you!!

    1. Thanks, Teri! I hope the babysitting gig works out, too. Frightening yet fun! Should take care of my grandbaby craving for a long time...

  9. Zip lining. Well worth the effort for the rush.