Monday, October 24, 2016

Birthday Wishes--For You and for Me

Someone we know will turn 55 tomorrow. Yeah, that's me.

I may not exactly embrace this newest number, but I sure as hell won’t run from it either. I plan to face it through a steely eyed stare-down and then show it--and whatever follows it--who’s the freaking boss.

I hope you'll all join me in making this next year of our life all it can be. After all, we're each in charge of our own story. We can fear the next chapter--or we can view every experience and every year as a bookmark, before turning the page to see what's next.

What is a birthday but a day to celebrate life? Especially a life reimagined.

Imagine your life story the way you wish it. And celebrate every chapter you write, every step you take, to make it so.

Bring it on, 55. You have great stuff written all over you.

Birthdays: Something you celebrate or not? What was the favorite birthday gift you've ever received? How will you make this year the best chapter in your life?

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